Indoor and outdoor soccer share many of the same rules

Indoor and outdoor soccer share many of the same rules, but the games are quite different. The indoor soccer field of play is similar to hockey; players are allowed to play balls off of the walls without stopping play.

Because the terrains are different, what equipment magista soccer cleats is needed also changes. Cleats are used on outdoor soccer fields to help the player gain traction with the grass. This keeps them from slipping, and allows better control of the body and the ball.

Indoor soccer uses a different style of shoe: no longer are metal cleats necessary to get a proper grip on the floor. The game is played at a much faster pace than outdoor soccer, so you need a shoe that will allow for quick sprints as well as pivoting ability. Running shoes create too much friction; you really want the sole that an indoor cleat provides. Indoor cleats (also called trainers) have rubber soles with small rounded bumps to help you grip the floor. The shoes should be a soft leather, fitting on your feet tightly yet comfortably. Getting indoor soccer shoes with a fold over tongue is helpful in protecting your laces from getting tangled up in the feet of another player. Indoor cleats are often more comfortable than their outdoor counterparts.

Pinneys are needed in all types of soccer magista obra pas cher to identify teams, but become especially important in the close quarters of an indoor soccer match. When there are three or four people all on the same ball, knowing who is with you and who’s against you can never hurt.