the spring shoe fashion trends

Spring is finally here! The best part about spring is the exciting reveal of the painted toe, and of course the spring shoe fashion trends. While pedicures are on the rise, so are sandals and open toed shoes. Especially trendy at the moment Рthe wedge. Specifically, there appears to be a huge influx of natural wedges, from roped, to raffia, to cork. Just like uncorking a nice bottle of Pinot Noir, breaking out your old natural element wedges will help bring you back into the line of trendy shoe scarpe calcio nike fashion.

Depending on your preferred heel, there is also a wide variety of heights available, from Steve Madden’s CHIEEFF roped wedge sandals (5 inch heel height with1.5 inch platform) to the more demure Aerosoles Flight Deck raffia-covered wedges with a fun, striped canvas upper in a variety of color combinations. In addition to the wedge, the gladiator is still going strong, swinging through last season to 2012. It appears this trend may be here for awhile! Gladiator sandals are ranging from simple, single wrap designs to more complex criss-cross designs that progress up the ankle and calf.

Metallics are still especially popular giving feet of the world a blingy, Cleopatra-esque shimmer.

For the more work appropriate women’s shoe trends, the chunky heels “a-la-year-2000” are back in action! Hopefully you have not traded in all of your old “chunky pumps” for the slim heels of the latter part of the decade. This is a great trend to see on the return, since the thicker heels tend to provide better support, and are more stable. Neutrals (especially nude colors) are being paired with the chunky heel to provide solid but elegant footwear – check out Christian Louboutin’s Chunky Heel nude leather pumps as a great example of this. Louboutin has also thrown in a nice platform for those that enjoy a bit more height without the pain of a super-severe heel.

For something on the more affordable, budget-conscious side, check out the Jupiter platform peep toe in “tan” from the Payless line. Last but certainly not least – flats. Flats have never been more popular. Not only are they comfy, but also they take up very little room in shoe nuove scarpe da calcio¬†racks and suitcases, making them ideal for travel. To jazz up the flat, shoemakers are using lots of neat tricks such as covering them in sequins or adding fancy embellishments to the toes to dazzle the wearer and make other trendy girls envious. Check out Tom’s Black Sequins Women’s classics flats for classic and classy comfort combined.